The Best Teacher

As a working clinician traveling over 80,000 miles per year, starting 300 to 500 colts each one of those years, many people ask me, “Who taught you this, and who taught you that? Who was the best teacher or horseman you have ever met?” I have met and worked with many horsemen, some good and…

Summer Horse Care Tips

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to ride, with the kids being out of school and competitions happening every weekend, it is a great time to spend with your horse. I devote most of the summer traveling to clinics and competitions, always horseback and soaking up every minute of it….

5 Things I’ve Learned From the Horse

Today was a beautiful day at the Double Horn Ranch. In general, unless I am on the road working clinics, I spend my time, 7 days a week here. Every single day I am happy to walk out to work, because I am passionate about what I do. Some days, it can be tiring and…

My Friends, the Crow Indians

In 1998 I received a call from Hank Real Bird of the Crow Indians inviting me to give a Horsemanship clinic at the Crow reservation in Crow Agency, Montana. There began my friendship with the Crow Indians. Ever since that first clinic, I continued to build my relationship with these unique, amazing people. Year after…

The Cowboy Tradition

Great and aspiring horse people keep an open mind and a positive attitude through good times and bad, through highs and lows. Cowboying is still about a solid work ethic.